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A Life that Honors God is a Life that God Honors
Home of the standard size Aussie
Some of OUR Past Puppies!!!
Averys dog
Roxy and Ally
Penny 2
2009 October 001
Cerise at 6 wks 1
Dallas pretty BOY
the last 3... so cute
Sierra 6m
paisley 6 months 2
Trudy and buffy
Freddy and Carli
Purchasing an Aussie from our Family:
*We spend a minimum of 8-10 weeks with your new puppy before they are placed in your home-In the process of watching our pups grow and loving our pups- I am home- My job is to be with your pups everyday- I work hard to train them to potty on command on the grass- No accidents on the patio by the time they go home- We have a unique way of acclimating our pups to the outdoors. The pups are whelped in a large box made specific to birthing puppies- this large box then becomes their safe spot for the next 8 weeks- My husband has designed the large box to be a perfect warm and cozy place for the pups with their moms at birth and then transitions into a cozy warm den that they will share with each other for the next 8-10 weeks- We have a wonderful safe back-yard where the pups rule- They get to play until they wear themselves out- We have an abundance of safe puppy toys that they play with daily- Once you visit you will see how good they have it here- We ENCOURAGE Puppy Visits-
*********All of our puppies are Micro-Chipped prior to coming home with AVID Friend Chip
*********All pups are De-wormed 5 out of the 8 weeks they are here with us- We use Nemex-2
*********All pups begin their wellness care by getting Nuvet Vitamins daily
*All pups receive 1 wellness shot at 7 weeks and if they stay with us longer they will receive their 2nd wellness shot at 10 weeks
*All Puppies go home when the family is most ready for their new arrival-not just because they are 8 weeks old- Timing is very important so I am happy to place the pups when their new forever home is most ready!!!
*We use a high quality puppy food specially formulated for puppies- Kirkland Signature Puppy Food-
ALL puppies go home with a toy-current shot record-bones and 3 days worth of food
*All pups are registered with AKC/ASCA/NSDR -we require our new owners to register their pups - this is to ensure the legacy of their lineage continues-ALL PUPPIES are placed with LIMITED registration. Breeding Rights are an additional cost.
*We are a responsible breeder and expect exactly the same from our new owners-
*All pups have a sales contract-this can be requested at any time-
*******There are so many more wonderful steps we take to ensure you have a healthy well-adjusted puppy to LOVE FOR LIFE***
*******We also have many referrals at your request from past clients***
Daphne 6
KP in the stretch
group pic
We accept:                                                        
Registered Puppies
Roxy and Laylas pups 11 wks 15
Tessa 8wks 1
Calan 16wks 3
Calan 16 wks1
All on their backs 1
All the pups with Remi
Brother and sister Calan and Keeslie
This is Calan-  AVAILABLE
AKC&ASCA registered
He is 4 months old and ready for his forever HOME and Family:) Contact us for a visit or any questions you might have. Priced at  $800